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      Motorola DEFY: A good choice

      ExtraGSM Team  |  February 11 2011  |   Comments 0


      You don't have to be a tech-expert to know that rugged phones are horrible looking devices. The new Motorola Defy, doesn't fall into that category, although having a not so glamorous matte plastic body, it has a certain cool appeareance. Six screws can easily be found around it's edges and a sliding latch locks the battery cover, providing it with enough protection to apparently withstand being submerged in up to one-metre of water, it can easily resist a heavy rain or even the worst case scenario, being dropped in the dunny. In order for you to benefit the most from our reviews, we often take a series of strange tests. For example, we kept the Motorola Defy in a glass of water for several minutes. The result was a bit surprising as the phone seemed to be fully functional afterwards and although you can't take the phone scuba-diving, it still has a plus in in comparison with other smartphones.

      Motorola DEFYMotorola DEFYMotorola DEFY

      A 3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen featuring Gorilla Glass offers you a great protection from your car keys or whatever sharp things lie in your pockets. The touchscreen feels a little sticky and although the response time of the phone can easily reach an irritating level, you won't be too disappointed. Last but not least, we have to mention the Swype keyboard which Motorola included, an addition which is hard not to love.

      Motorola DEFYMotorola DEFYMotorola DEFY

      Motorola DEFY: A good choice

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      As far as the software is concerned, the Defy is runned by an Android 2.1 engine with Motorola's MotoBlur version 1.5, which makes it a rather average smartphone. If you ask me, th ...

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      It would be unfair of us to say we that we didn't have fun using the Motorola Defy. Sure, it doesn't have the glow and lacks the polish of the year's best smartphones, but neverthe ...