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      Nokia E52 review: Very good like all Nokia Eseries phones

      August 11 2011  |   Comments 0
      Eseries represent one of Nokia's greatest features and we're sure that everyone who ever experienced an E handset can declare themselves satisfied. It has a small but solid lineup, which never seized ...

      Samsung Galaxy S II review: A dose of style and performance

      June 06 2011  |   Comments 0
      Undoubtedly, this is the moment where everything is going to change. A new world is going to begin, a new galaxy is flooding the universe with an explosion of energy and speed, all due to the highly a...

      Apple iPhone 4 review: Very good phone, like all from Apple

      April 19 2011  |   Comments 0
      The fourth generation from Apple is officially born. The iPhone 4, as the case with all the previous models, is a phone which everybody either hates or loves. One thing is certain, Apple's latest is a...

      Nokia C2-01 review: Good phone at a good price

      March 28 2011  |   Comments 0
      Let's say you have very few money in your pocket and are in search for a phone. How about the Nokia C2-01? In a few words, it's got a still camera as well as 3G and a memory card slot which all sound ...

      BlackBerry Bold 9780 review: A good experience offered by BlackBerry

      March 24 2011  |   Comments 0
      We all know and almost all of us love the BlackBerry line. The Bold 9780's is the RIM's latest flagship phone and the subject of our present review. Starting off with the aspect of design, we have to ...

      Samsung Galaxy S II review: First test passed

      March 23 2011  |   Comments 0
      Lets start with the results of review. Samsung Galaxy S II was really good during tests! Today a site from Russia published a review of the new Android smartphone from Samsung. They offers us many ph...

      Nokia E7 review: A good competitor for business phones

      March 12 2011  |   Comments 0
      Not much more can be said about Nokia's E series phones. We al know them, we all love them. This is why it's our great pleasure to offer you the review on what is called the Nokia E7, the new flagship...

      Nokia E71 review: A successful phone

      February 22 2011  |   Comments 0
      The first thing that jumps to your attention is the keyboard. It really isn't normal that such a small phone should have such an incredibly usable keyboard, but you won't hear any complaints from us. ...

      HTC HD7 review: Good points and bad points

      February 15 2011  |   Comments 0
      The HTC HD7, offered up by T-Mobile in the fourth quarter of 2010, is an upgraded version of the HTC HD2 with a new OS and many other improved features. In terms of material and design, the phone look...

      Motorola DEFY review: A good choice

      February 11 2011  |   Comments 0
      You don't have to be a tech-expert to know that rugged phones are horrible looking devices. The new Motorola Defy, doesn't fall into that category, although having a not so glamorous matte plastic bod...

      Samsung S5260 Star II preview: New Star from Samsung

      January 25 2011  |   Comments 0
      It's official, the Samsung S5230 Star has a successor. The Samsung S5260 Star II, as it's called, assumed some of the original features and came up with some great upgrades. As a consequence, a capaci...

      HTC Desire HD review: Quick view

      January 25 2011  |   Comments 0
      Between the Desire HD and it's little brother the HTC Desire, we encounter a series of differences, the most obvious of them all being the screen, which was ramped up to a huge 4.3 inches. The WVGA re...

      LG Optimus Black P970 review: Style and substance for the new LG Optimus Black

      January 14 2011  |   Comments 0
      At the CES 2011, alongside numerous gadgets and smartphones, LG presented it's latest project: Optimus Black, an Android-based smart phone, bringing some impressive specs to the table. The phone is by...

      Nokia C7 review: Close look

      November 27 2010  |   Comments 0
      The Nokia C7 is a new smart phone which offers you a powerful combination of internet, video, photos,music and maps with Symbian3 operating system. With a price range of 350$ you can buy the C7 Sim-fr...

      Apple iPhone 4 review: Specifications

      August 16 2010  |   Comments 0
      At the start of summer, geeks stock up on sunscreen and mentally prepare for the annual reboot of a phone they either love, or love to hate -- Apple's iPhone. Wisely, Apple hasn't sought to reinvent...

      Nokia X5-01 review: First impression

      August 07 2010  |   Comments 0
      The Nokia X5-01 comes with a fashionably square shaped casing, which is both pleasing on the eye as well as being a practical size & shape for carrying. This amazing looking 3G Smartphone suppor...

      Nokia N8 review: Polish Review

      July 26 2010  |   Comments 0
      If you've been a Nokia fan for years, then you'll have noticed that the Finnish firm hasn't been competing at the sharp end of the game for a while now. The likes of the N97 and X6 have both been t...

      HTC Wildfire preview: Manufacturer preview

      May 24 2010  |   Comments 0
      Bring your friends to you You have lots of friends, in lots of different places. Why not bring them to you? See everyone's Facebook, Twitter and Flickr updates, all in one feed. Share your favourite ...

      Apple iPhone 3GS review: Short review

      May 06 2010  |   Comments 0
      In a nutshell: The iPhone 3G S is easily the best iPhone ever. Apple have filled in the missing pieces of the jigsaw and created possibly the best phone / media player / internet device ever. Highligh...

      Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 review: Close look

      May 05 2010  |   Comments 0
      Sony Ericsson have been working on the X10 for quite a long time, taking the utmost care to make sure its software offers the best user experience possible. They wanted their first droid to be perf...